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The difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil,The difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil
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The difference between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil

Both eyebrow pencil and eyeliner are essential makeup tools in eye makeup, but many times when we use them, it's easy to tell the difference leading to using the wrong one. So let's take a look at how to distinguish between eyebrow pencil and eyeliner! If you want to know, don't miss it!

1. eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pen although the outer packaging thrown away a little difficult to distinguish, but it pencil pencil will still have the English word, you can distinguish through this feature. The English word on the pencil is eyebrow, while the eyeliner is eyeliner, very good to distinguish Oh!

2. can also be distinguished by the degree of color, take out the eyebrow pencil or eyeliner on the back of the hand to draw a line, if you feel more hard color shallow, this is the eyebrow pencil, because when drawing eyebrows we can not get down too heavy, so the eyebrow pencil is relatively light. If you feel that the color is deep and soft, then this is the eyeliner pencil.

     3. eyebrow pencil can not draw eyeliner, the answer is yes. Eyeliner pen is mainly used to outline the eye contour, can make the eyes get magnified effect, as long as you choose the right color eyebrow pencil, according to the way the eyeliner pencil drawing eyeliner can be, but it should be noted that eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pen is ultimately a difference, with eyebrow pencil drawing eyeliner is only suitable for emergency, can not often use eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner Pen. 

The eyeliner pen is specially made for the eye area and contains oil-proof ingredients to prevent makeup from coming off. The eyebrow pencil is a hard powder, and although there are many waterproof eyebrow pencils available, they may still be embarrassingly easy to take off.

4. The eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil are both hard-tipped, but the pencil of the eyebrow pencil is harder, plus the skin of the eyelids is more delicate than the rest of the skin, so it's easy to pull the skin around the eyes with the eyebrow pencil, which in turn tends to grow fine lines. The eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pencil are both hard-tipped, but the eyebrow pencil is a little harder, and the skin on the eyelids is more delicate than the rest of the skin, so if you use the eyebrow pencil, you'll easily pull on the skin around your eyes, which will make it easier to grow fine lines. The pen and eyeliner are not the same, the eyebrow pen is uneven and the lines are harder, it is not a substitute for eyeliner. The eyeliner pen is smooth and can be colored with a gentle stroke, and the lines drawn will be more natural looking.

In summary, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner pen have texture, material and coloring degree of the difference, after all, each for different use, the best eyebrow pencil or drawing eyebrows, eyeliner pencil or used to draw eyeliner. After reading the above, know whether the eyebrow pencil can be used to draw eyeliner? Although it can be used for temporary emergency makeup, but it is not suitable to use this all the time, it is best to bring eyeliner directly to draw eyeliner, before going to bed must remember to remove makeup thoroughly, do not let the eyeliner residue on the eyelids.

Tips: In general, eyebrow pencils are harder and eyeliner pencils are softer, and both have different color shades. If you forget to bring an eyebrow pencil, you can also use eyeliner instead, as long as you don't hit too hard. However, the eyebrow pencil instead of eyeliner is not so good, it is easy to stain some paste Oh. Eyeliner pencil as eyebrow pencil with no problem, eyebrow pencil as eyeliner pencil is not so natural.

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