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Don't underestimate the lip enhancement effect of a lip linerDon't underestimate the lip enhancement effect of a lip liner
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Don't underestimate the lip enhancement effect of a lip liner

 The lip liner pencil that frames the lips and makes it easier to apply lipstick regularly now has a new use, that is to create exaggerated lip makeup, making the edges of the lips wider and easy to make a plump, fleshy, sexy lip like the stars. The lip liner that frames the lips and makes it easier to apply lipstick in a regular manner now has a new use, and that is to create an exaggerated lip look with a wider edge, making it easy to create a plump, fleshy, sexy lip like a celebrity.
 C-Blue lies in the contours that can be widened at its edges, while lipstick alone cannot portray the delicate edges and the desired lip contours, both rookies and beauty mavens need a lip liner to help with this process. If you want red lips, you should choose a red lip liner that is one shade darker, so that the outline will give the lips a more three-dimensional shape, or even a gradient effect; but if you apply lipstick that is close to nude or nude pink, then a nude lip liner is naturally the first choice, or you can pick a lip liner that is on the fuchsia side to depict the outline, which will not only play a lip plumping effect, but also make the lip makeup elegant It will not only plump up your lips, but also make your lips look elegant. 
Before buying a lip liner, be sure to try it on the back of your hand first. A lip liner that is smooth enough and full of color will create a smooth line on lips that are more resistant. After purchase, the way you sharpen the pencil is also the most important factor that affects the makeup application. A sharp tip not only hurts the skin of the lips, but it is also difficult to master its smoothness when applying makeup, and having a smooth tip is the key to easy makeup application, so use a sharpener specifically designed for lip liner, while a normal sharpener will sharpen an overly sharp tip. Here's another tip to remember: Put the lip liner in the fridge for 20 minutes before sharpening to keep the color from falling off the tip during the application process.

From runway shows to street photography, it's easy to see that they are using lip makeup to "spice up" themselves, and the key to this is the application of a darker shade of lip liner. If you want an exaggerated version of thick lip makeup, you can use concealer to cover up your original lip line first, then apply makeup. 
Whether it's lip liner first or lip liner later, you have to clean up the lip area before you can take the next step of applying makeup. The correct way to apply an exaggerated version of lip makeup is to first use a lip liner along the original contour of the lips, starting from the peak of the lips and making a cross cross, then meticulously depict the corners of the mouth on both sides and the lower lip right in the center before filling in the full lip contour, and finally finishing the rest. After applying lipstick, you can repeat the stroke with a lip liner beyond the outline of the original lip line. If you encounter some resistance during the stroking process, heat the lip liner by rubbing your fingers with both hands, and the lip liner's oil will become easier to apply when the temperature rises. 

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to lead the "thick lip chic", blonde hair and white skin with thick lips, not only harmonizing the overall skin tone, but also focusing the visual focus on the center of the face. In fact, you can use lip liner instead of lipstick all over your lips, so that with the use of both convenient color and can make the lip color more full.

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