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The most comprehensive eyeliner types and selection method
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The most comprehensive eyeliner types and selection method

The result you'll get: a must for beginners, a natural eyeliner. But it smudges easily
How to use: Wooden eyeliners are the basis for your other good eyeliners. They are easy to draw because of the hard texture of the pencil, and they are also great for smudging away for smoky makeup because of the texture of the wax formula. But it also means: wooden eyeliners are more likely to rub off and smudge.  Rotating eyeliner

The effect you'll get: slightly thicker eyeliner, because it can't be sharpened any finer. Ideal for single eyelids and those with thin eyelid creases.

How to use: For people who love wooden eyeliners and need to go out frequently and touch up their makeup. It does not require you to sharpen the pencil repeatedly and is easy to use. Because of its hard texture, it is best to apply eyeliner from the sides to the tip of the eye.  
Very fine twist-up eyeliner
The result you get: a natural inner eyeliner that is not exaggerated.
How to use: When drawing, lift your chin so that the eyeliner is evenly traced on the inside of the lashes, which will make your eyes look more refreshed without the eyeliner being visible.
Sponge Head Eyeliner
The effect you'll get: Matte, inky thick eyeliner.

How to use: Sponge-tip eyeliner is basically black. If you want to party and need a particularly exaggerated inky black cat-eye eyeliner, a sponge-tip is perfect, even without mascara, for the best eye makeup. It is worth noting that it is important to keep the lid of the eyeliner tightly closed, because this sponge head is extremely easy to dry.  

Brush-tip eyeliner
The result you will get: smooth and non-removing eyeliner.
How to apply: The liquid texture of brush-tip eyeliner is often like honey, somewhere between sticky and thin, so you can draw a very smooth eyeliner. But you have to give enough time for the eyeliner to dry so it doesn't smudge on your eyelids. Even if the eyeliner is not waterproof, people with inner eyelids can use it without worry.  
Very Fine Brush Tip Eyeliner
The effect you will get: the usual flared fine eyeliner, best for office workers to draw.

How to apply: Beginners can draw a line of eyeliner with a wooden eyeliner first, then outline it with eyeliner on top of the pencil to prevent mistakes. Once you become skilled, you can just outline it.

Eyeliner Cream
The effect you'll get: all types of eyeliner. It is more suitable for more exaggerated cat eye eyeliner, etc. It is suitable for makeup experts who are very skilled in drawing eye makeup.
How to apply: Generally speaking, eyeliner creams come with a brush, and a dot from a part a little higher than the pupil, and drawing eyeliner from the end of the eye to the head is an easy and non-stretching way to draw your eyelids.
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