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Children's makeup should be
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Children's makeup should be "clear" with children's toys

In March, I found on the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision, Henan, Shanxi and other places issued a number of children (including infants and young children) cosmetics special rectification notice, from the production and operation of the link are made Supervision and management requirements.

In fact, from Faye Wong's daughter live makeup, to Jitterbug and other short video platforms to attract countless young netizens, the trend of "face value economy" has been scraped to these dolls whose sense of autonomy has just sprung up. One obvious change is the gradual under-ageing of cosmetics users and the rising sales of cosmetics for children. Data show that in May 2020, overall sales of children's cosmetics grew by more than 1,200%, with children's makeup up 300% year-on-year from 2019.

However, it is worth noting that among the endless children's cosmetics, the vast majority of those with brand guarantees belong to the skin care category, and there are few color cosmetics products. It can be said that a large part of the domestic children's makeup market is currently in the hands of small factories of the workshop type, and some businesses that openly play "children's cosmetics", in order to fight for more profits, adulterate the products with the ingredients of adult cosmetics to reduce production costs. They also falsify the approval numbers and health licenses on the packaging in order to make it look fake. When children use these illegal products, they suffer from skin allergies and life-threatening conditions.
On the one hand, there is a booming market, and on the other hand, there is a constant problem of use. Can children's love of beauty become another vertical market in the cosmetics industry?
I believe that, in addition to strengthening market supervision in production and operation, what needs to be done is to draw a clear line between children's makeup and children's toys.
First of all, the product type is misleading, in order to meet the aesthetics of children, the current children's makeup mostly in the form of toys. The colorful design attracts the attention of children, but also allows many parents to relax their vigilance, the supplies in close contact with the skin is equivalent to the toys that are taken and put, and do not do more understanding.
Secondly, the sales channel is diversified, the children's makeup sales channels are mostly toy stores, e-commerce platform, there is no shortage of businesses take the opportunity to play ball, blurring the boundaries between makeup and toys, previously reported, in the e-commerce platform, a number of claims to sell "well-known enterprises children's cosmetics" sets of store owners, the actual registered trademark for the game apparatus and toys The category.
Since the release of the 2012 Guidelines for the Declaration and Review of Children's Cosmetics, laws related to children's cosmetics have been introduced and implemented, and the General Administration of Market Regulation has set up a cosmetic lot number inquiry system on its website to allow consumers to learn more about the product before purchasing.
While these methods can ensure the safety of children's cosmetics at the source, it is only when consumers themselves are aware of the difference between toys and cosmetics that they will not be confused by the variety of products available and have their children's faces and even lives damaged.

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