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How to capture the eyebrow pencil market?How to capture the eyebrow pencil market?
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How to capture the eyebrow pencil market?

How to capture the eyebrow pencil market? Look at these three popular eyebrow pencils and you will understand
Drawing eyebrows can quickly improve a person's essence. In the past, young consumers makeup technology is not pure enough, only know how to apply lipstick, and with the popularity of beauty live, young consumers are more and more skilled in makeup technology, the demand for eyebrow makeup is also higher and higher.

According to the data survey, this year and even next year will be the fastest growing eyebrow makeup products for two years. Today's eyebrow makeup market base is still relatively small, but the momentum is not lost to the eye shadow. As a "blue ocean" category, it is also a breakthrough point for small and medium-sized beauty brands.

So, in the face of the current millennials and young consumers of Generation Z, how do brands capture their changing personalized needs? Through research, I found these three "internet sensation" eyebrow pencils, which may reveal the current demand of young consumers for eyebrow pencils.

Kate Ultra Fine Eyebrow Pencil

Kate is a Japanese cosmetic brand, because of its good quality and low price, so its reputation in Japan and China's market is relatively good, considered a popular international brand for young consumers.

Kate's ultra-fine eyebrow pencil manufacturers has been widely popular on Little Red Book, making it one of the biggest "internet sensations" in the world of eyebrow pencils. Unlike regular eyebrow pencils, the Kate Ultra Fine Eyebrow Pencil is thinner and smoother, but also more likely to break.

Kate Ultra Fine Eyebrow Pencil is suitable for those who like to refine their eyebrows, and those who use this pencil also need to be more patient and also need to master certain skills. It also reflects the fact that contemporary young consumers are willing to spend more time to beautify their eyebrows.

This ultra-fine pencil can even be used as an eyeliner, making it very flexible.

longain is Private label makeup pencil brand

longain is a china cosmetic brand that has been leading the way in the development of eyebrow pencils, to a certain extent.

The longain Liquid Eyebrow Pencil is one of the most popular eyebrow pencils, and the most important feature of the pencil is reflected in its name: it is liquid, which is quite different from the traditional solid eyebrow pencil. Perhaps it is this differentiation that has made it the "internet sensation" of the eyebrow pencil world.

longain liquid eyebrow pencils are particularly suitable for use in the summer, as their liquid form gives them a "tattoo" effect that is very long-lasting and resistant to sweat and rain. The downside is that it requires a high level of make-up skill, as it is difficult to wipe off and reapply if you make a mistake.

The message from this pencil is that young consumers want a long-lasting makeup that is resistant to sweat and rain, because in the summer, when you come back from a shopping trip, your eyebrows are likely to be blown out. The longevity of liquid eyebrow pencils allows young consumers to enjoy a more relaxed eyebrow experience.

Shiseido Hexagonal Eyebrow Pencil

Among Shiseido's makeup lineup, this hexagonal eyebrow pencil is known to no one. The Shiseido Hexagonal Eyebrow Pencil has been widely popular on Chinese online platforms such as Jitterbug and Xiaohongshu, and is considered the "masterpiece" of the eyebrow pencil industry.

Shiseido Hexagonal Eyebrow Pencil is an eyebrow ink pencil that is small, detailed, and firm. Although this pencil is not the best in terms of makeup hold, the color rendering is one of the best, and with its cheap price, it immediately became a "hit".

The compact size of this pencil makes it easier to carry and reflects the demand of young consumers for "portability" of the pencil. The downside is that because it is a pencil, it needs to be paired with a pencil sharpener, which may be a bit inconvenient for some "lazy" people.

To sum up, meticulous, long-lasting and portable are the main needs of young consumers for eyebrow pencil products, and if they can add high value and low price, it will be able to impress them even more.

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