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One eyebrow is not so difficult, newcomers can also draw very beautifulOne eyebrow is not so difficult, newcomers can also draw very beautiful
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One eyebrow is not so difficult, newcomers can also draw very beautiful

A single eyebrow has really been on fire for a long time, from ordinary girls to netizens to celebrities, and from melon faces, round faces to square faces, it has become a standard package for beauty lovers.

The actual eyebrow is also easy to draw, as long as you master the techniques and methods, handicapped like me, can also easily draw good.

◎ Kate Double Effect Eyebrow Powder
Kate's dual-action eyebrow powder, a Cosme Award-winning product, has a pencil on one end and a sponge-tipped powder on the other, so if you want to draw the same beautiful unibrow as the dauphine, you can do it with one. When making up, first use the pencil to trace the desired shape of the eyebrows, and then use the sponge-tipped powder on the other end to fill in the color and stain the eyebrows, which will be more natural. In addition, the powder on the sponge can also be used to draw a nose shadow to make the makeup more three-dimensional. There are two types, flat-tipped pencil + powder, and fine core round-tipped pencil + powder, multi-color options.

Price: 139.0

Shu Uemura Chopper Eyebrow Pencil
The famous Shu Uemura Machete Eyebrow Pencil is a little more expensive, but it does have a qualitative difference from the open-frame type of eyebrow pencils. It's shaped like a machete and is the easiest pencil to draw a single eyebrow with flat strokes that create a thin, straight line and easily outline a delicate, clean brow shape. In terms of color, it needs to be drawn several times before it becomes visible, and it is easy to grasp the depth of the color, which makes it ideal for newbies who are not very skilled at drawing eyebrows and can correct them in time if they don't get it right. The downside is that the machete-shaped nib is not very sharp, and there are videos available online so you can learn a little.

Price: 128.0

◎ Shiseido Hexagonal Eyebrow Pencil
Shiseido hexagonal eyebrow pencil that ranked No.1 in the Cosme Awards in Japan for three consecutive years. This pencil was a favorite in college because it was really easy to draw and cheap, but it was a bit of a hassle to sharpen the tip often. It is designed for oriental women, the brush stroke is smooth and delicate, especially easy to color, makeup beginners can also quickly get started. It is dermatologically tested to minimize the chances of causing allergies and irritation, and it does not clog pores easily. It also does a good job of waterproofing and preventing smudging, so it won't smudge all day. A small one, you can carry it around with you, easy to use.

Price: 20.0

◎ Kazran Double-ended Eyebrow Pencil
In the previous feature, the small sugar gentleman has recommended for you Itty House (Ally House) and Hyatt Regency double-headed eyebrow pencil, this time to introduce you to KAZILAN double-headed eyebrow pencil, although it is a domestic brand, but the effect is really good, cost-effective. The automatic rotating design saves the trouble of sharpening the eyebrow pencil with a pencil sharpener, which is more convenient to use than Shu Uemura and Shiseido's eyebrow pencils. One end of the brush can be combed before drawing eyebrows, the other end of the flat tip can be freely switched between thick and thin lines, it is easy to draw the desired shape of eyebrows.

Price: 64.0

Â- Kate 3-Color Shape Dimensional Eyebrow Powder
The Kate Tri-Color Eyebrow Powder, which has been on many beauty lists, has always had a good reputation. The three light and dark colors match the change of eyebrows from light to dark, and the drawn eyebrows are very natural and long-lasting. The three colors can be used separately, or you can dip the brush into different colors and mix them to create the effect you want. It can also be used as eye shadow and nose shadow, a multi-purpose Oh, small and delicate box is also very attractive.

Price: 68.0

◎ Kazran Double Effect Eyebrow Powder
The actual price is very high a brow powder, small sugar June college can always use it, later changed the big brand of brow powder, also do not feel than the Katsiran how much better to use. The powder is very fine, the color is very good, the color is soft, use the brow brush to dip some on the eyebrows gently sweep a few times, the eyebrows will become a lot thicker. If you like light or nude makeup, you can use the powder to fill in your eyebrows, you don't have to use an eyebrow pencil. For students, KAZILAN's eyebrow powder is definitely the first choice for drawing eyebrows.

Price: 28.0

◎ Qiaodi Shang Hui Beauty Three Color Eyebrow Powder
The powder is also a cost-effective choice, and in line with the face of the pursuit of appearance, the box is designed to be very beautiful, very princess style. It's a fine, smooth powder with strong adhesion, easy to apply and does not harm the skin, and is waterproof. Three different shades of color, can be mixed into different colors, oh, drawing eyebrows, drawing eye shadow and nose shadow can use it. In addition, the small sugar June would like to say, do not look at the market box of eyebrow powder are very small, a box of eyebrow powder can really be used for a long, long time, small sugar June themselves seem to be able to use two years it.

Price: 59.0

Kiss Me Sexy Nude Eyebrow Tint
The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. After applying it, not only can it fix the shape of the eyebrows, but the color of the eyebrows will really become very natural and will not look like a crayon anymore. It is also superbly long-lasting, sweat and ordinary friction will not come off. 01# yellow brown, suitable for flaxen and light brown hair MM; 03# gray brown, suitable for darker, darker hair color MM; 05# bright brown, suitable for warm brown hair MM.

Price: 65.0

◎ Innisfree Very Fine Precision Eyebrow Tint
The brush head of this eyebrow tint from Hyosungin is very fine for girls who are looking for a particularly detailed makeup effect. The tiny brush head is more flexible than a normal brush head, so you can take care of every single eyebrow hair and apply it several times along the eyebrow to cover the color evenly and naturally. It sets and prevents makeup from coming off very well, and it won't smudge throughout the day.

Price: 38.0

3CE Eyebrow Tint
3CE's eyebrow tint has a great reputation as well, with a mascara-style brush to comb through messy, unruly eyebrows. The cream of the brow tint is even and easy to apply, and it shows color very well, wrapping the eyebrows naturally and keeping the color in place. It's a small one, about the size of a trial mascara. Brown, light golden brown, red brown three colors to choose from, be sure to choose and hair color similar to the color oh.

Price: 75.0

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