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The natural approach to make upThe natural approach to make up
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The natural approach to make up

The "natural nude face" has returned just as summer is getting going. It's not all about beige and neutral colors. It's about finding the colors that are right for you and that give the face a fresh, well-groomed appearance without emphasizing the makeup itself.
Leon Dong, make-up artist of Elizabeth Arden in Shanghai, said summer's best make-up is sheer, and with fresh vibrant hues.

"The look's barely-there foundation base doesn't mean you don't need to have the perfect base at all," Dong said. "The best make-up look always starts with the perfect base. It can be your ticket to glowing skin, even tone and a simply gorgeous look."

A smooth skin that is translucent from within is vital for the summer look. The application of whitening products and sun blocks are very important, especially for Asian women.

Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Plump Perfect Make-up is a good choice for the summer as it will not leave the face looking like a mask but it will conceal well. Adding highlights to the face and a light dusting of powder gives the face a healthier and silky-smooth finish.

Any trimming and tweezing should be done before the make-up application. "Fill in Arden's Dual Perfection Brow Shaper and Eyeliner as you usually do, but remember to keep them looking soft and natural - no harsh, heavy lines," Dong said.

The simple way to accentuate your eyes is to apply a sheer, freshtone color from your lashline to the crease and blend it out. Stick with soft beiges and pinks for a very natural look. Dong recommends using Sparkle, Teak, and Moonbeam in the summer time. Smudge pencil eyeliner along your upper lash line, blending into the lashes as much as possible.

Curling the lashes and applying lash optimizer is important for Asian women. Double Density Maximum Volume Mascara is used later. The key to this look is a very soft natural looking eye so don't overdo the mascara but make the lashes clear.

For the cheeks, just use a color in a light and natural tone, such as Pink Star or Berry Blush. Locate at the apples of your cheeks and gently apply the blush in a small swirling motion. For the lips, all you need is a good bright gloss.

The best applications of the make-up leaves the face looking groomed without anyone noticing the makeup is there.
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