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C-Blue brand eyebrow pencil, easily outline the most beautiful oriental beauty faceC-Blue brand eyebrow pencil, easily outline the most beautiful oriental beauty faceC-Blue brand eyebrow pencil, easily outline the most beautiful oriental beauty face.
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C-Blue eyebrow pencil, easily outline the most beautiful oriental face

Before there was a specific material for eyebrow painting, women used willow branches burnt and applied to their eyebrows. According to the literature, the earliest material used for eyebrow painting was Di, a black mineral, followed by "graphite" or "eyebrow ink". In the early 20th century, as Western culture grew in the east, a series of changes occurred in the cosmetics used for women's eyebrows in China.
Nowadays, eyebrow pencil is a cosmetic product that we all use to draw our eyebrows, which can help us better outline the shape of our eyebrows, fill in the gaps and make them darker. A good eyebrow pencil is the key, especially for makeup novices.

Today, we recommend a domestic C-Blue double-ended eyebrow pencil.
This eyebrow pencil, the appearance of the appearance of most people can also accept the price, and the most important thing is that he does not need to sharpen their own pencil. Some eyebrow pencils, such as Shiseido's Hexagonal Eyebrow Pencil, are very good in every way, but the bad thing about the unit is that it needs to be sharpened. For a handicapped person, it's really hard to grasp the strength and shape of the pencil, so it's easy to break it or sharpen it badly, making it difficult to trace the eyebrows. The Rons dual-ended pencil is a good solution to this problem, as it has a triangular tip and is easy to use without sharpening.
The pencil is triangular, open the lid, eye clockwise rotation, turn out 2-3 cm, if you hear the "click" sound when rotating, it proves that you turn the wrong direction, do not continue to rotate, so as not to cause the pencil break.
The other end is a spiral eyebrow brush, brush out the three-dimensional mist sense eyebrows in minutes. After the basic skin care, you can start to prepare for makeup. You should remember to look in the mirror and read silently three times: I am the most beautiful ~ I am the most beautiful ~ I am the most beautiful ~ then you can

The color of the eyebrow pencil must be chosen properly, otherwise it is easy to make people feel dark and look particularly bad, Asian skin is mostly warm yellow The grey eyebrow pencil is generally more versatile ~ Rons eyebrow pencil double-ended design, both intimate, but also practical.
The pencil refill is made of lead-free material, so there will be no damage to your eyebrows in the long run. The triangular shaped pencil goes on easily and the color is even and detailed. The waterproof and sweat-resistant design also eliminates the need to worry about eyebrows suddenly playing disappear, so you can use it with confidence in the hot summer months.

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